Who We Are


We are a family-owned business offering beverage accessories, olive oil accessories, unique gifts  and functional products to liquor stores and wine shops, olive oil stores, gourmet/kitchen boutiques, general gift shops, wineries and more. We were contacted by the owners of Wrap-Art, Bella Vita, LS Arts, Zees Creations and Bottoms Up to buy their businesses and products and keep their dreams alive. We did,  combining their great products with hundreds of products from dozens of other top vendors. All these great products are now offered in one place, Cheers2You.com.


1. Free Freight, everyday, on $200 order.

2. Fast Shipping, with our central U.S. warehouse we are only, at most, a few days shipping away from all U.S. retailers. Due to our high shipping volume we are also able to offer great freight rates on orders under $200. 

3. Same Day Shipping, we offer same day shipping on orders placed before 1pm Central time time and guarantee all orders ship within 24 business hours.

4. Very Low Minimums, we recognize you don't always have room to store cases of merchandise so our website allows you to order less than, or very reasonable (3,6,12) case packs, on almost everything we carry.

5. Quality, we guarantee the quality of all our products. If you are not happy with any purchase, return it to us within 12 days for a full refund.

6. Best Price Guarantee, see the same product somewhere else for less, and that's the price you pay from us. We did our research and already checked our major competitors and are confident you will find Cheers2You your best net delivered cost.


World's largest selection of wine, liquor, beer, olive oil and gourmet bags and so much more....